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The water-based pen uses ink as pure water, and the paper absorbs it strongly. Water-based pens are generally used on the absorbing surface. Even if they are applied to a non-absorbent surface, they can be wiped off. There is generally no back mark on the paper. The advantage is that the writing feel and writing quality are good, the disadvantage is that the ink viscosity is small, the writing length is small, that is, the number of words that can be written under the same amount of ink is less. The water-based pen is less odorous than the oily pen, and the tip of the pen is not easy to dry. Its handwriting is light-resistant but not water-resistant. When it encounters water, it will be rendered. If it falls, it will be easy to break the water.

The oily pen uses oil as oily, is hardly soluble in water, and is not easy to fade and open. The oily pen can be written on the absorption surface and non-absorption surface, and is not easy to be wiped off. It is written on white paper and has obvious back marks on the back. , often used in situations where marking is required. The advantage is that the viscosity of the ink is large, and the writing length is large, that is, more words can be written under the same amount of ink; the disadvantage is that the writing feel and the writing quality are not good.

The properties of ink used in gel pens are between water-based pens and oil-based pens. The storage time is longer than that of water-based pens. It is not easy to open when exposed to water, but the properties are not as stable as oil-based pens. When writing some documents that need to be saved, the gel pen is often used.


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