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With the increase in the level of stationery consumption, more and more parents and students are aware of the importance of health stationery. In the dazzling array of stationery markets, to choose healthy and safe stationery, consumers must first recognize the brand and look for quality-assured products. But this is not enough, to reduce the damage that stationery causes to children.
       It is not difficult to find out that many pencils and rubber colors on the market are very bright. Some stationery is printed with various cartoon characters, and some stationery is made into candy. Chen Qi stationery suggests that you should buy light stationery when purchasing stationery. Because most of the brightly colored products contain too much lead, because the body is not completely French, and the metabolism is less, children absorb more lead than adults, so children who are six years old are more likely to appear in lead.

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